Faisalabad Peri-Urban Structure Plan 2035

To control the unchecked and uncontrolled growth of city Faisalabad, a project named “Peri-Urban Structural Plan” has been initiated under the World Bank funded project Punjab Cities Governance Improvement Project (PCGIP).

Peri Urban Area

“Peri-Urban area” means an area that spans the landscape between contiguous urban development and rural countryside with low population density and is predominantly being used for agricultural activity and is likely to be urbanized in the next twenty years.”

The area which falls outside the built up area and inside the city bye pass road of city Faisalabad has been selected as study area of this project. Further, the area falls outside the Peri-Urban area will be classified and considered as “Agriculture Land/Area”.

To expedite this project, a well professional team of Urban Planners lead by a Project Consultant, employing their efforts since August 2013, for the preparation of Peri-Urban Structural Plan for city Faisalabad. The consultant and his team have a broad exposure for working on the preparation of Peri-Urban Structural Plan. Also, the consultant did the similar job for the preparation of Peri-Urban Structural Plan for district Gujranwala.

Peri Urban Structure Plan

A plan that guides the future growth of the city for the next 20 years and its major outcome is Road Network and Land Use Blocks (maximum 300 Acres).

Project Deliverables

• Land use plan for Peri Urban Area • Zoning Map • Road Network
• Growth Policies supplementing Land Use Plan for Peri Urban Area to guide through the development for the next 20 years.

Project Objectives

• To suggest the appropriate future development in the peri urban area keeping in view the existing and future development trends and preferences;
• To suggest pertinent mix of land uses in the Peri Urban area.
• To identify incompatible land uses such as industries and suggest measures to mitigate the impacts on peri urban development.
• To recommend an efficient circulation network in the peri urban area.

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