Eligible Expenditure Program Procurement Plans
The Project money can be spent on eligible expenditure items only:

• Repair of machinery, equipment, roads, buildings, water supply drainage
• Power energy needed for machinery, operations for asset maintenance & service delivery

There will be no new infrastructure, however, money saved from these heads to be used for achievement of program objectives.
EEPs and Expenditures for Works and Services Department, CDGs

 EEP budget items for CDG (Works & Services Dept)

  Repair and Maintenance

  A130 (R&M of transport)

  A131 (R&M of machinery and equip.)

  A136 (R&M of roads and streets)

  A137 (R&M of buildings and structures)

  A033 Utilities (including electricity, gas, and water)

Source: Expenditure data from CDGs’ budget books 2010-2011

EEPs and Expenditures for WASAs

 EEP budget items for WASA

  Repair and Maintenance*

  Water supply system

  Drainage system

  Purchase of maintenance materials and store items for operation

  Power and Energy

Note*: R&M for WASAs does not include Sewage related R&M.
Source: Expenditure data from WASAs’ budget books 2010-2011