DLI 1: Resource Planning



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DLI 1: Resource Planning

Three-Year Integrated Rolling plans for Development and Asset Management implemented by each CDG for area within its ‘city’ boundary.

CDG and its entities[1] prepare annual development plans independent of each other. There is no coordination or integration of development and maintenance needs and plans.

Each CDG and its entities have been instructed to adopt a 3 Year Rolling Integrated Development and Asset Management Plan (IDAMP) as mandatory integrated development and asset maintenance planning exercise for municipal services.

Each CDG has prepared a consolidated Annual Development Plan (ADP), which includes the ADPs for municipal services of each CDG, its entities.

Each CDG has prepared a consolidated ADP (as for the previous year). A mechanism for preparation of IDAMP has been approved, and each CDG has prepared a complete GIS based inventory of assets.

Each CDG has prepared an IDAMP, including development and asset management plans of the CDG for municipal services and of each entity.

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Annual Development Plans Asset Inventory Survery forms-Final  
New Template for the Consolidation of ADP & MTDF 2014-15 Data Collection Completion Certificates  
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IDAMP Training / Workshop
ADP Endorsement by HUD & PHED
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Lahore Planning & Coordination Committee
Endorsement on IDAMP by HUD & PHED
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