DLI 2: Procurement



Targets for Disbursement

Year 1 DLIs

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Year 2 DLIs

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Year 3 DLIs

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Year 4 DLIs

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DLI 2: Procurement

Good procurement performance practices are set up at CDGs through implementation of the Provincial procurement rules.

Inconsistent application of Punjab Public Procurement Regulatory Act
(PPPRA) rules and lack of clarity due to conflicts with some directives and administrative issues.

Instructions issued to CDGs and city entities on enforcement of and compliance with the Punjab Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPPRA) Act, the Punjab Procurement Rules 2009, and all procedures established under PPPRA.

Cities have documented processes as standard operating procedures for planning, procurement, and contract management.

Stipulations of the procurement rules (and the SOPs) complied with for all city level projects.

EEPs Procurement Checklist
Public Procurement Checklist
PPRA poster
SOPs on Punjab Procurement Rules 2014
PPRA Rules
Procurement Training Handbook
DLI 2 Brochure
Circulation notice of SOPs by HUD & PHED
PPRA Approval for SOPs
LG& CD-SOPs Implementation
Disclosure of award