DLI 4: Revenue Collection System



Targets for Disbursement

Year 1 DLIs

(At Effectiveness)

Year 2 DLIs

(End of Year 1)

Year 3 DLIs

(End of Year 2)

Year 4 DLIs

(End of Year 3)

DLI 4: Revenue Collection System

Improvements in Own Source Revenue (OSR) Collection Systems.

The UIPT records are maintained manually and not fully ordered and updated

· An Action Plan has been approved for mapping and automation of UIPT.

· Instructions have been issued to each city entities to prepare an Action Plan for enhancement of self collected OSR.

· GoPunjab has completed the UIPT automation pilot.

· Action Plans prepared by city entities for enhancement of self collected OSR have been approved

Each city entity has operationalized the approved Action Plan

The GoPunjab has completed at least 75% UIPT automation.

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Energy Management Opportunities for WASA Gujranwala    
Action Plans for Enhancement of OSR, Endorsement by HUD & PHED
Action Plans for Enhancement of OSR, Endorsement by LG & CD
Energy audit in WASA Lahore
AIT Report-Final City Report of Lahore WASA Fateh Garh Report-Final
Final Audit Report-Anarkali Final audit Report-QIE- Nishtar Town Final Audit Report-Samanabad
Final Report Data Nagar Final Report Farakhabad Final Report Green Town- Nishtar Town
Final Report Gulberg-Gulberg Town Final Report Islam Pura Final Report Mozang-Gulberg Town
Final Report Mughal Pura Final Report Ravi Road Final Report Sabza Zar
Final report Shahdara Final Report Shimla Hill- Gulberg Town Final Report Town Ship- Nishtar Town
Final Report-Misri Shah Final Report-Mustafa Town Final Report-Shadbagh
Final Report-Taj Pura Garden Town Report-Final- Nishtar Town Ichra Report-Final
Johar Town Report-Final    
Energy audit in WASA Multan    
City Report of Multan WASA Disposal Division Multan Waterworks Subdivision Multan
Energy audit in WASA Gujranwala
City Report of Gujranwala WASA Zone-I Final Report Zone-II Final Report
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Energy audit in WASA Faisalabad    
City Report of Faisalabad WASA Final Report Chiniot Well Field-FSD Final Report East Division-FSD
Final Report Jhang Branch-FSD Final Report OHR-FSD Final Report Rakh Branch-FSD
FINAL REPORT WASAs Final Report Water- FSD Final Report West Division
Energy audit in WASA Rawalpindi    
City Report of Rawalpindi WASA Final East & Sohan Report FINAL West-II Report
FINAL-PP6 Report FINAL-UC 1-12 & 35-38 Report